The difference between great advice and good advice can be substantial when it comes to superannuation.

We have a team of four superannuation specialists and have run a separate superannuation team since 2008. And you’ll know exactly who in the team is taking care of your superannuation and will be able to call your specialist direct every time. It helps to know who you’re dealing with and to know that they know you.

Self-managed superannuation (SMSF)

We help over 200 clients with self-managed super funds, representing combined funds over $200 million.

We will set up your self-managed super fund (SMSF) from scratch or take on clients whose self-managed super funds are already established.

Whether we’re starting from the beginning or taking on an existing fund, the first step is talking through the options with you. That’s always useful but especially if you’ve received non-specialist advice before.

Self-managed superannuation gives you tremendous flexibility with investment, including buying residential and commercial property, but it is a complex area where there’s a clear benefit to specialist advice.

Because WCM is a full-service firm, we’re able to look at your superannuation as part of your whole financial picture.

We are partnered with an advisory and asset management firm.
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