The changing legal requirements of clarity and independence with audits have caused confusion for clients and accountants. Because audits are an area of specialisation for us, you can be confident your audited accounts meet statutory requirements.

You’ll have direct partner involvement in your audit. Every audit is different and the partner you work with will ask questions relevant to your particular circumstances and discuss any specific issues with you before completing your audit.

Audits are something we work on together with clients.

We approach audits as we approach all the work we do: as something we work on together with clients. Clients are involved and consulted throughout the process. The legal requirement of independence doesn’t mean we can’t talk to you to make sure we’ve understood your business thoroughly before reporting on it.

Electronic workspaces

To make things as easy and secure as possible, our audit teams use electronic workspaces. There’s no need for anyone to carry files back and forth, so there’s no risk of losing records.

Our audit clients include businesses across a range of sizes, including preparing internal audits and quarterly reports for a nationwide business. We also have extensive experience in audits for not-for-profits.
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